Reed Diffuser with flower 180ml
Our elegant design and packaging makes beautiful gifts or for personal use.

Reed Diffuser with flower 180ml

  • Choice of 16 different fragrances, the flower comes with white colour, the use of different aroma flavors will produce different colours.


    Jasmine             Light yellow

    Lavender           Light purple

    Lemongrass      Green

    Ocean               Blue

    Orchid               Purple

    Redcurrant        Red

    Rose                 Pink

    Sandalwood      Dark brown

    Thai Spa            Red

    Amethyst           Purple

    Blue Moon        Blue

    Autumn             Brown

    Winter               Light blue

    Spring Time      Orange

    Summer            Red

    Frangipani         Yellow

  • In the case of unexpected damaged products, please return in it's original condition with proof of purchase within 7 days of receiving your order, and we'll exchange it in store.

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